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Our priorities and main goals for the year

We, INDO ARAB GRAIN SUPPLIERS are the leading government recognized star export house. We are among the very few rice exporters in INDIA, who have the authorization to export in the US market. We supply all kind of BASMATI and NON BASMATI rice globally covering all the countries and continents.

We have been in this business from past 2 decades and provide the supreme quality assurance from production to the final delivery. Our major brands being KHARIF and Hilal. We have a whole bunch of happy and satisfied buyers in UAE USA UK CANADA RUSSIA AZERBAIJAN TURKEY YEMEN SAUDI ARABIA IRAQ IRAN GEORGIA SUDAN GERMANY and many other small and big countries. Along with the well established global market, we work in the domestic market covering most of the southern INDIA and being a supplier of various MARTS in India .

Along with the rice we also deals in spices like
Cumin seeds, Black cumin seeds, Sesame seeds, Cardamom, Turmeric powder , Turmeric finger, Chickpeas,
Chilli powder, Fenugreek Etc