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Normally main Basmati Rice growing states in India are HARYANA, PUNJAB and UTTAR PRADESH. Apart from this other areas like DELHI, RAJASTHAN, MADHYA PRADESH and some other parts are the less growing states of basmati rice.

This harvesting year of 2022 - 2023 , started from September 2022 onward, situation at initial level was perfect and expected crop production was almost 15 percent more than last year of 2021-2022 (because in 2021-2022) crop damaged almost 20 percent due to high rain. Everything was going well , but again situation became worst this year also because unseasonably heavy rain started this year also and it attested major areas of basmati rice , and this happened not only in India but in adjacent country Pakistan also and due to excessive rain water stood in the fields for long time, so overall effect came over this over different type of crops are as below: -

1121 Paddy : -

this year 1121 paddy was considered almost 20 to 30 percent more as compare to last year, but due to excessive rain , that time 1121 plants were in the position to flourish and that time water was not required , so its effect came in the form of some diseases over 1121 paddy and grains started to be whitish like milky in its ripening stage. So per hectare production which was normally 2 to 2.5 mt in normal year because 1 to 1.5 mt , so in average 1121 became less almost 30 to 40 percent as compare to last year

1718 PADDY: -

1718 is the alternative of 112 1and its look is 100 percent same like 1121 . some other features like cooking results and so many other things are also same like 1121, This crop comes almost 20 to 25 days before 1121, so this rain did not affected this crop so much and it is almost at its level which was expected before.

so this year 1718 can be alternative of 1121, BUT, overall paddy of 1121 and 1718 together is less as compare to 2021-2022 year. So this year Rice Export association , ADEDA etc are making idea that after MARCH , getting paddy can be hard for rice millers

Pusa and Traditional Basmati: -

last year there was almost very less demand of Pusa and Traditional in export market, so due to this farmers were not motivated to grow this paddy, so due to this its crop area reduced very sharply throughout in the area of basmati growing states. Its major effect came in HARYANA and Punjab and in these 2 states framers were not interested to grow these seeds. So this year these crops are mainly available in MP state and because of this prices for Pusa, Traditional basmati and other associated crops LIKE SARBATI, 1401 increased badly and in last 1 month prices increased almost 500 usd , The reason was Saudi is in demand for this paddy this year, as their stock got emptied.

Worst effect of excessive rain came over PR11 PADDY, because of high moisture in the grian , discoloration and germination started in PR11 paddy and thi syear exporters are facing problem in making quality in pr11 rice